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How to get Passive income from Cryptocurrency

if all have a little fund i think make strategy to get passive income in crypto its easy yeah first think you need 10$ or more and then starting to invest in coins in exchange this is very good strategy why because coins on exchange was listed so only wait the price of the coins growth up until the price high level.

for example i buy 10$ in doge and im wait until 1 years  yeah im getting profit 4$ so then continoues to growh your fund its very easy to getting passive income

lets for try .
Passive income is a good way of earning but you first must understand how it works before you engage yourself in it, if you lack the understanding, it might not work in the long run.
I thought for me to invest I need more capital but with this little advice I think I can start with little capital and earn profits little by little. Thanks
Invest. Earn. Save. The financial formula to become a successful person. Need to be wise in handling money on where to invest your money the right way.  Patience is the key.
thats all good for the more advices and dont forget it about the risk we must to learn about the risk if want to get passive income
Unfortunately, getting a stable income from cryptocurrency is impossible. But this is only now when the cryptocurrency has not yet set a certain price threshold. But in the future it will be possible to calmly invest in a crypt.
My current approach is just earn the crypto with whatever you way you can. Which is mostly through forums and the faucets. and then I make sure to invest that into something like CRED. And then maybe I can consider selling off assets to buy house or something? i don't know if it works or not.

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