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How does blockchain work?

By now, you have certainly understood how blockchain technology guarantees security. But another major reason for Blockchain Secure is that its network is distributed. Blockchain essentially creates a P2P network where data from each blockchain block can be verified by anyone connected to the Internet. When someone new registers on this blockchain network,
Blockchain basicly created for processing transaction. But it need support by some computer where connected from one to other. They help processing and also securing the blockchain in same time.
I think blockchain is pretty simple. Think of it like registrar. And you can find out the amount of entries and the portion that you need. You can learn a lot out of that. I personally have noticed that it's not that difficult to understand but it can be pretty tough to learn and do with the blockchain.
Blockchain is one of the modern and best technology. This technology helps to protect your crypto currency from the hackers and also you can send it easily to the other person.
Blockchain is the most modern technology in the world right now. Different crypto coins are generating from the blockchain technology . Sooner or later there will be huge amount of cryptos in the crypto market due to the the expension of blockchain technology.

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