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How do you see Bitcoin economy 10 years from now

Bitcoin is growing fast and everyday a lot of people takes interest in this. I too started the other day and I am very willing to invest my time here. With that said, with the drastic growth of bitcoin worldwide, how do you see the bitcoin economy 10 years from now? Thank you as always.
The bitcoin economy in 10years to come will be a great one, some countries will even accept bitcoin for shopping. It good to invest now to enjoy later in future.
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In ten years the price of Bitcoin would range between $100,000 - $250,000.

Many companies and banks would accept bitcoin as a safer alternative to cash.

Cryptocurrencies "could help the operator to avoid cash on hand, and therefore make it a little less dangerous for them."
The Bitcoin economy will only grow and electronic cards will appear through which it will be possible to pay.

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