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How acceptable is Bitcoin in your country?

Is bitcoin legal to use in your country?
If then, how you use this in your life? do you pay your bills with it?
Can you use it as a payment on stores?
I think its not a good idea to keep spending your bitcoin to pay for service or pay for an item from the store. Bitcoin is better investment rather than spending it to pay for something although using it as a currency is somehow helpful to the mass adoption.
Bitcoin is not acceptable in my country. We only invest and sell bitcoin online to earn money, we don't make sure of bitcoin for shopping and other stuff in my country
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Some countries support Bitcoin and other cryptocurrecies while some others countries are against the use of Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. The day is near when they have to accept the potential of Bitcoin and its importance in the world.
I think bitcoin can be pretty good on paper but in reality it is not being accepted. And the reasons are pretty much right too. Nobody wants to damage their economy with the bitcoin. So say if you choose to accept this some day your country economy would be in trouble.
Bitcoin is not acceptable in our country and also mining Bitcoin is considered as a crime in our country but I still hope that in future Crypto will be legalised and that will develop that country's economic system
Bitcoin is still baned in many countries because cryptos don't need to pay taxes for transaction moreover Bitcoin is mostly used for money laundering and terrorism.thats btc is banned in many countries.

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