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How Earn Income from Bounty

How Earn Income From Bounty
I will share my exprience about how to earn income from bounty , first think you have a good mentality and have a patience in bounty is waiting very long from 2-3 month , but we can getting more if we can diligent in doing likes same work, bounty must have a good management time this is very important , in bounty you can earning form other way campaign 
  • likes we can participate in social media campaign ( in this campaign you need have a twitter , facebook ,or other social media and minimum on this campaign follower must have 300 follower i think is able to join )
  • and then in telegram bounty you need active for post on the project
  • you can join in create article, in content campaign ,but in this campaign you need have a good skill to write and must original
  • you can apply as translator on the project
  • and you can join in signature campaign but in this campaign you need have high rank so you will earn more stake.
i hope this is make all friend know about more a ways to earn from bounty
This will make all members to know more about ways to earn from bounty, thanks for sharing this in the forum.
This is good for the newbie. Before now we use to concentrate more on the signature campaign but now we have so many areas where we can participate.
yeah welcome , we can sharing friend to get something exprience in bounty try it above more campaign in bounty you can choices
that so you will get more earning
Follow bounty work instructions to participate correctly in bounty
I often doing bounty with social media and forum. For me that is easy than other options. In social media we have not limited resources and in the forum we can talk without force anyone.

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