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[HIRING] Looking for advisers and promoters

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Hello Everyone,

Lydian Lion, an ongoing ICO, is looking for people to join our team to promote and attract more investors to our project,

Everyone interested can send a pm on here or telegram!
the post is too short. need to know more details. Clear about the payment method. Which currency do you pay for work? If you pay BTC/LTC/ETH then you can dm me
I am professional project devoloper please contact me with details on telegram, idAngryianfou
If you can add more details about your product it will attract more aspiring applicants to your offers. though it's a good opportunities to everyone who have the talents to attract investors especially now where the market is really unstable.
It looks like you are spamming the forums without posting your professional details in public. Please post with recent works also, this could help the advertisers to choose you.

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