CoinEx is an international exchange founded by ViaBTC, developed by ViaBTC and Bitmain
ViaBTC and Bitmain are the two leading big players in Mining
Thanks to the potential and strong development experience, after only 5 months of establishment, CoinEx has become the leading exchange in the world, comparable to Binance and Okex.
What helped CoinEx grow so strongly, let's take a look at some advantages of CoinEx:
- Blue interface friendly, beautiful, extremely smooth transactions
- There is an official App on IOS and Android, helping you trade everywhere very conveniently
- Cheap transaction fee: CoinEx's transaction fee is extremely low, only 0.1%, especially if using the floor coin as a transaction fee, you cost 0.05%, this fee is among the cheapest in the world and equivalent to Binance.
- Recharge coins without fees, withdrawal fees extremely cheap. For example, BCH withdrawal fee is free, BTC withdrawal fee is 0.0001, USDT withdrawal fee is $ 1, the coins are quite low withdrawal fee, on average only 1/3 - 1/5 compared to Binance. Especially, free Coinex withdrawal for BCH, this is a very significant advantage especially for you or buy and sell coins
- Regularly giving coins to members
- Especially with the Accelation program, this is an attractive program, every time when the list of new tokens, Coinex donates or sells a lot of coins to CET store members (and may add some other coins depending on the project). You can x5, x10 properties very easily
Registration link: https://www.coinex.com
Coinex, developed by ViaBTC and Bitmain, are two reputable and influential giants in the field of cryptocurrencies, you can be assured of professionalism and reasonable policies, you can earn Money from Coinex in the following ways:
1. Trade coin: Of course, to become a true trader and make a lot of money, you need to know the good and bad news of the market and a bit of technical analysis. Trader's goal is simple: Buy when prices are low and sell when prices are high. This is a career that can help you make a lot of money, but if you make a mistake, you can make a loss.
2. Buy shares of the floor and enjoy daily profits: The stock of the floor there is the floor coin (code is CET). This line Coinex shares up to 80% of the profits for CET members, the more CET you hold, the more profit you will receive. Average daily profit is about 0.5-2%.
For example, you buy 1 CET worth 10,000 USD, each day you are divided about 50-100 USD, the day the volume of the floor is large, you are divided a lot and vice versa

3. Join Accelerator with huge profits, the Accelerator program is usually limited to only $ 200-300 per account, but huge profits, usually x3 to x6 assets quickly
The above are some of the advantages as well as the features to earn coins on Coinex, in addition to CoinEx there are many features for you to explore, such as free coin transfer between accounts, the ability to store coins like a wallet. voting feature for new coins
CoiEx is especially attractive to newcomers and traders, skilled traders on many other exchanges also tend to switch to coinEx