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Future Of Coinstalk Forum (This Forum)

Yeap. True.. i create thread for asking your thought or your comments (soft and hard comments will accepted.. no heart feeling).

So, as you know. There are already so many forums about crypto.

Now, let's focus our thoughts and conversations on this forum.
  • Based on data, this forum registered on Oct, 12, 2019. Already have 5 main boards (Coinstalk, General Discussion, Marketplace, Project & Tokens & Local Languages).
  • Based on alexa ranks, by current date (Dec 8, 2019) coinstalk rank is 3,425,039 (for website that launched 2 months ago, IMO, that quite enough performance).
  • Based on google, no result. yeap, this forum are new and sometimes google will do checks after website running at least for 3-6 months.
  • To attract more users, this forum applied paid per post system.
Now, what i want to ask are :
  • Do you guys think that this forum will able to grow even bigger? (at least equal with steemit)
  • Do you guys think this forum will (sorry for rush words) death? Coz there are not enough visitors?
IMHO, If this forum cannot provide benefits (knowledge) for visitors, provide fascinating discussions or too many junks useless threads then this forum may not be more than 3 years old. Paid per post sometimes will not working if forum manager (admin, mods) not take steps to make this forums well known. One example that might attract people to visit this forum is to create a board that presents the latest news about crypto situation. So people can share those latest news to his/her friends, relative, family, etc. but, I could be totally wrong. It could be that this forum is getting bigger & bigger because forum managers make some attractive innovations in terms of managing this forum.

What about your though? and please, while you share your though & opinions, don't use short answer. it is very annoying.
This is a new forum for cryptocurrencies I know they have many innovation and techniques boom up hoping all member must contribute and abide the rules and regulations to have a long journey to success.
(12-08-2019, 07:38 PM)ManDDoS Wrote: -snip- don't use short answer. it is very annoying.
OMG. Please don't force anybody! We are not focusing on making a short story or fairytale. 

For me, some points must be considered are 
1. How to make more people come to this forum
2. Improve the number of members
3. Employ and cooperate with some top traders/investors
4. Invite bounty managers
5. Have regular bounty programs
6. Multiply advertisements
7. Make a special team to invite people manually 

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I think this forum will not long term, first i see the moderator and admin is not really active for example making topic and destroy the spammer. That is also people come here is only to making money, after they get paid then run away. For me that is bad. Once again admin must do advertisement.

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