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Full time in cryptocurrency

With the level at which cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is now, do you think it will be wrong to make it a full time job? If your answer is NO, how can one survive doing crypto on full time?
Yes, with the level of which cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is now it will be wrong to make a full-time job, if it is part-time job we can easily earn money from other job we can afford to do
for me I just use bitcoin as my extra income but for real sometimes it does make me more money than from my work
For a big time investor yes but for me it's a part of my extra income even shitcoins will follow just to earn.
It can be a full time job if your a massive crypto trader and expert. Like you quit your job to switch and focus into crypto trading. It can be beneficial if you do full time on crypto. You will earn alot on crypto. It's one of the fastest and biggest earn on your investments but you need to research first before investing.
If it was in 2017 then i will say you can make it a full time job but in the present state of crypto market you might not be able to pay your bills with your earning from cryptocurrency.
im full time in crypto , i was try more jobs likes faucet hunter , bounty hunter and many event competition likes article or as community manager overall but this is need process , and every day im full time 10-15 hours online .

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