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First member ranked.

In case you don't know, you can move from a junior member rank to a member rank on the forum. It is great to become the first member ranked on this forum. Celebrate with me. Let us build the forum together.
Congratulations. I hope I'il be member soon. I think they should open a category in the forum where users can talk. What do you think?
Exactly, so that we can always share our achievement there. I totally agree with you.
I love this forum. Hopefully it will be the best crypto forum in the future. I hate Bitcointalk. Because Bitcointalk does not respond to users' complaints. It is a fact that this forum will grow. I hope that after they grow up, they will continue to care in the same way.
Congrats. This is such a great crypto forum community. Cheers!
Thank you all for showing some love. It is great to have lovely people like you in this forum. You can also show some love in kind, check my profile for my ETH wallet address. Lol .......
Great, can't wait to be a member, please what are the steps to take o take to be a member?
yea congratulations friends its same im same a members here , i think still not more user get members
need more give a usefull post for reach .
When we have a rank system in a forum, it will make every member want to work hard to be able to move to the next rank. Congrat for being the first Member ranked.
Please explain how many posts are needed to rank up "from Jr Member to Member"?
I still don't see a special thread explaining the rank system.
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