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Favourite crypto token

List your favourite token created by Eth platform?
Favourite token first one is Chainlink and SYS token but currently I have ICX and XML coin.
For me ETH ecosystem is always better. I personally love the EOS due to the transaction cost and also the speed. I think it definitely has better future ahead. Also the way EOS works I like the DApps created around it. It seems like a good blockchain that can survive longer.
I have many favourite altcoins which created by eth platform but nowadays I'm interested about Ferrum, Digitalbits and Ethereum Classic etc.. They have also several pros and cons but this thread is not right place for this hovewer I like them for earning and hodling.
There are even better currency coins for the day trading like BNB, ETH, EOS, TRX. You can find a good coin for trading at their bargain price. If the trading volume is high then the investment is good.

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