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Faucet crypto still legit or not

do you heard in 2 years ago about faucet crypto we can earn more income from there likes in freebitcoin and other but at the moment faucet is not good and waste time because we can earn from there very little .

i think all friend have reccomendation for faucet legit ?
Most FAUCET Crypto nowadays are scam when you download their application then start to use it, some of the app will not work perfectly and some you won't able to withdraw, just a waste of time and effort.
I will not advise anyone to waste time on looking for faucet because most of them are not legit anymore. Concentrate on bounty campaign.
There have some legit and some scammed you need to select best and legit from them
I am still using freebitcoin, for me that faucet is still profitable than new faucet. I see new faucet and old faucet decrease the reward like crazy, i ever see faucet to claim one satoshi you need one hour. That is waste time.
I have some amount of experience with the faucet and i think it is not worth spending time for earning those small amount. though in some cases it may work out. but in long enough time line it may not work out. so people need to focus on what they can get out of the faucets. i personally don't rely on faucets.

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