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Family in crypto

I really want to know, have you at any point encourage your family ti be part of cryptocurrency. We are talking about adoption, so I want to know what you have done to encourage adoption of cryptocurrency.
so far im still cannot give education cryptocurrency with our familly but my familly understand about the new of good technology in cryptocurrency .
I can't give education cryptocurrency with our family because not everyone who go the same way.
It will be difficult to encourage a set of people that do not believe in a thing. Most of my family members don't believe in crypto, so i don't bother myself on that.
Yes, you are right. adoption can start with family and friends and I already did it and my family members are now a fan of blockchain technology.
First time I don't know what is crypto but know Mr my family are very big fan
I relly hopeful on tha app and my many friends on work in tha app
Bitcoin app site Generally to created to remained unchanged

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