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Earning income from blog

Earning income from blog , are you ready to heard this yeah this its very familliar program the world i think because income from blog is very high , i think we can try it for want to alternatif income but needs time to getting income from blog .

  1. first you need have account blog and was 1 years
  2. you have a good content not copy paste , or plagiarism
  3. always diligent to create content every day to getting visitor
  4. and the last you must monetise your blog with advertisment , or with google adsense i think you can choices that
the last you will getting income from blog . Heart
I wish I could do blog but I think it hard, it take a lot of time and someone have to be professional so as to be able to earn reward.
You don't need to have a blog to write content, you can make use of the existing site like medium, Linkedln and the rest.
If you're a writer or poem it's best way for you but it's hard for other person
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Yes create a blog is also my income source. But we must careful because our Adsense maybe can get terminated. So i always make the source from original person.
I am until now don't know how to monetize it with reward cryptocurrency.
I have yet to reach any form of earning from the blog. I don't know what are some of the things that I need to do in order to earn from the blog. I personally have just written content and hoped for the best. but so far from what I have learned is that earning does not come that easy.

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