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Earn QuarkChain by simple task

Today i want to share a new of opportunity for all friend to earn QXC by simple for doing task
lets for follow the task

  1. First you must to register here Earn QuarkChain
  2. after that you must confirmation in your email if do with email , or chek your message if join with number
  3. doing task
    - Chek in ( log in every day ) earn 10 Point - find airdrop on platform earn 50 point - make a something transaction on Dapps earn 50 point -150 point - join with telegram earn 300 Point
easy for doing the task guys the allocation is 1 million QXC  end 26 day ,lets to earn today

happy for earning for airdrop
What can I get through this point?
What is the price for QXC token and which exchanger can I trade it?
Old project. Thanks for shareing
Is it a job or a fake? I think it’s spam.
(11-24-2019, 10:04 PM)akhersk24 Wrote: Is it a job or a fake? I think it’s spam.
I not think so.
Maybe tell me if it still exists
Thank you very much for your great information and the tasks are easy.

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