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Have try so many of this, hope you have confirm it before send it to the forum because after getting the coin you won't be able to withdraw it or they may ask you to send btc to receive it.
There are many sites where they say they will pay you cryptos or btc just by clicking ads and many more .I would say that never ever do that in greediness because you're gonna lose all of yours in those sites
The best platform is LBRY.TV You can earn lbry token free everyday by doing simple task and earn rewards daily. You can exchange tokens to Bittrex Exchange. You can also try faucetpay for free crypto through faucets. Faucet gave small amount of crypto but it is safe earning. You can try it for part time income.
I do not believe in free earnings. Because there are many sites that are scam sites. You have to be very careful to work in these. So everyone be careful .
Earning free coins is a fake news. Everybody should remember that you have to work to earn coins. Everbody wants to get free coins. It is found in many scam sites. But all of them are useless
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guys below are right, I can't understand how is it possible to earn sth if you do nothing, it can be just in case you had been working really hard and then your business started to work on you. However, i've just remembered a great simple as hell way to earn money-taking online surveys for cash, the easiest way. Moreover, you spend your time in the way you want it to spend, no one demands you work all day, income does also depend on you. So, try to check yourmoneygeek and you'll see how easy it is))

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