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EOS Wallet - Which one do you use?

I am getting into the EOS these days. I mostly stick with the ETH based wallets. And currently I do have exodus and it does support EOS however every time I have asked people which wallet they use, they say that they use the metamask extension on browser. they use portable browser to retain the settings for the metamask. 

So that being said, let me ask you, which EOS wallet do you use?
SimplEOS wallet is the best choice for EOS. This wallet is designed specifically for the EOS ecosystem and is fully integrated with the features of EOS.IO software. It's available on the Windows, Linux and Mac platforms
EOS Wallet is a very good wallet. It is a very secure wallet. I use this wallet and this wallet is one of my favorite wallets
I use Atomic Wallet to store most of my crypto and it supports EOS. It such a great wallet for looking for a wallet to do great things

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