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Do you sell your bitcoin today?

(This post was last modified: 11-25-2019, 08:17 AM by CryptoBerto.)
For almost a full day I pay attention to the price of bitcoin, and still survive around the price of  $6000. Are you panicking if you have some BTC right now.
No because can't predict the how the price is moving now, I have to wait to conform before selling it
There is no need to panic because the price will definitely go up when it is time.
because i dont have bitcoin , i dont sell bitcoin .

even if i have bitcoin , i will hold i think soon will be towards the end of the year , and experience before it near the end of the year will experience a pretty high increase .
No, I'm not panicking and I have no desire to sell my bitcoins now. I will wait for a reasonable price
There is no need to panic because bitcoin is already at the bottom, I cannot sell my bitcoin because of some little shaking of prices because i know bitcoin will bounce back stronger.

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