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Digitalbits SCAM #XDB 🚫

What we are hoping to gain ?

As an investor,  do you think Digitalbits team is credible after reading the reasons below ?

The team promised to pay 28,000,000 Xdb to eligible participants to promote Digital bits across different platforms in the early stages when they weren't know yet, with the help of the hunters they became known across all platforms, source :

After the completion of the bounty,  The bounty manager collected the personal data of each participant's to ensure, there were no bots and filter out multiple accounts and ineligible participants, the qualified list of participants with the amount to be paid to each qualified hunter was published.

[Image: 1*1Wk8DXZIuxSQpCk5GnSOOw.png]


Now the team promised to pay after they get listed on the first exchange, they couldn't keep that. And shifted it to of Q1 of  2020, which was a year after the bounty was initially conducted, come Q1, they didn't pay because had their doubts and collected our personal data the second time just to verify they weren't paying bots. They promised for the 3rd time, that payments would be made on the 30th april 2020 to all approved participants. 30th of April came, they didn't release the list of the approved participants from their end and shifted the dates till 11-14th May 2020 (4th promise). As usual hunters became impatient and couldn't wait anymore, after so much pressure the team sent 375xdb (5$) to each of the qualified participants, when it is clearly stated in the spreadsheet the amount promised to each of the participants based on work done.

So it's obvious they wasted everyone's precious time for over a year, so tell me why should even you as an investor trust the team, if they could do something this despicable to the hunters ? They don't even reply us. Trust me we won't go down without a fight. we don't even need their payments again, cause it obvious they aren't going to pay, if they can't  even pay their community managers after promising them, is it the bounty hunters they would pay?

They removed all bounty hunters from their group too, to show their scammish behaviour, if you as an investor goes against them, they will do the same to you, I advise you sell off ur bags before the team dumps on you and get bags of another trusted project that treats their community members with uttermost respect.

Here's more proof :
Interesting... I checked the project. The volume looks like a fake. Probably a fake project, There is a big trust problemin the cryptocurrency market. Even good exchanges can list such scam icos.
If the team is not promising then the project is also on risk and it is a great risk to invest in such a project.

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