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Dealing with stress

I have been going through a lot of stress participating in different bounties and some other aspect of cryptocurrency, it is really telling on me. Please how do you deal with stress from cryptocurrency?
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Finding bounties is really stressful theres so many task to be done. In terms of trading/investment you need to make a lot of decisions and you need to make them fast. You’d also better be right as bad ones will cost you a lot. But traders who can manage stress are more profitable. Just manage your time well. Take a deep breath , take a break, relax your eyes a lil bit and just enjoy on what you do no matter what.
I'm absolutely calm attitude, because they understand that nerve cells do not regenerate, and the bounty is not a reason for stress.
We are all going through stress, something good is not easy to get, but when we trade an earn money we forget the stress.
In my own opinion the only way to deal with stress is to take some good rest to replenish the body.

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