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Cryptocurrency vs Banks

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What do you think should crypto be against banks or maybe banks and crypto work great together?
It will be better if the bank and crypto could work together, it we help to keep cryptocurrency and able to withdraw it with money.
I think best way is cooperation of banks and cryptocurrency together but it has also costs too. For example, because of the crypto is mining-based money, banks might want to turned these coins to banknotes.
Both are opposite, one has to go for one. If crypto succeed it means banks will be affected.
Banks will always be the winner in this match. Because people don't trust crypto money because they're not central. People are really ignorant...
In my opinion, it would be nice if banks co-operate together with cryptocurrency. Althrough it would be too hard to translate this idea into reality, however it isn't impossible. Everything is possible in the world and may be in the near future we'll see that.
I believe it would be good if banks and cryptocurrencies were together
At the moment, the cryptovolute is clearly playing against the bank. And the banks themselves actively recognize this, which is why crypto-absolute cannot get widespread in the world. She does not have international banking support.

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