[Image: crypto-shopping.jpg]

Quanterall, a blockchain research and development agency, shows a model of a self-checkout system that uses Cardano, a decentralized ledger which enables users to send, collect and invest digital cash named Ada.

Quanterall's software is a real-world use case that is planned at shops and grocery stores for daily consumers. This allows people to buy things at the supermarket without a cashier. Alternatively, they interact directly with a point-of-sale system (POS).

A shopper simply removes goods from the shelves and then checks the barcodes of the products using their smartphone with the Quanterall app, according to the group manager of the company.

[Image: ada.jpg]

The shopper will pick Cardano's cryptocurrency Ada as a payment method after checking and measuring the items and then start with the checkout. A shopper exits the store once the transaction is complete with a paper receipt created by the hardware device of the POS.

Although similar systems currently exist, credit and debit card swipes are usually required to complete the transaction rather than cryptocurrencies loaded into smartphones that do not require any banks or financial institutions.