You must unlock the content to participate in the contest. This contest's questions will be related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. The first 3 participants who respond the questions correctly will be awarded. You can follow the contestant list on the spreadsheet which will be shared live. The amounts reserved for the contestants are below.

Participation rules:

1- Please read the general rules.
2- You need 15 credits (will be taken from each contestant and won't be returned)
3- Like+Retweet our official announcement in Twitter, before contest is started.

Results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...SohxE/edit

[Image: contest.png]
[Image: number-1.png]  $25 in ETH
[Image: number-1.png] $10 in ETH
[Image: number-1.png] $5 in ETH