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Compare of other crypto coin with bitcoin

Is there any crypto coin that can be compare to biticon?. To me No because bitcoin is valuable and most acceptable all over the World. Am I right?
No matter the development that occur in any other coins, bitcoin will always remain number one. There are so many support for bitcoin from big crypto enthusiasts, it will be difficult to compare any coin with bitcoin because even if there will be any adoption, it will be bitcoin.
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Bitcoin is the father of all coins. Second oldest coin is the Litecoin which was realease in 2011. The release of Ethereum also impacted the crypto space a lot that enables Smart Conttracts and Distributed Applications (DApps). So I think Ethereum is a great invention next to Bitcoin. Thanks to Vitalik.
bitcoin the king of crypto so far altcoin follow the bitcoin , and the technology on bitcoin was implementation in more major
We cannot compare any other coin to bitcoin because all other coin are the product of bitcoin. Most of the altcoins are only following after the idea of bitcoin.

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