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Coinstalks will add Signature in future ?

Coinstalks wil add signature campaign in future
To build the growth of the forum , various innovations are needed , one of which is through a signature campagin ,because several forums have done so and if this forum will implemented i think entusiastic impact and made the forum more active .
Yes signature campaign is need on the forum to have more active members
Signature campaigns have a huge potential of making a forum to develop very well because many want to do signature campaign with ease and they will turn to anywhere that make it available.
That would be great. For now this forum is new and already had good feedback. Great to be part of this great platform that always update and share crypto insights.
yeah i think if we can support this forum to growth signature campaign will implemented ,lets see and keeep support
wait 1-2 month or end of years
Yes we are planning to add signature app. It will be added in future.

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