Coinstalks aim that provide and manage a secure platform for the cryptocurrency users. The management team check the complaints about users or companies, and take precautions immediately. In addition, apart from the usual forum logic, some of the site revenues are presented to the users in the form of various awards and contests.

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Forum Rules

Low quality and spam messages are prohibited.
Plagiarism is not accepted.
Fake and spam referrals are prohibited.
No threats to inflict bodily harm, death threats.
Fraud users will be banned.
Bumps, "updates" are limited to once per 12 hours.
It is forbidden to use shortened link for making money.
In the forum, all the words blasphemy, slang, insult, humiliation, offensive; the use of any text, image or video about religious, language, racial discrimination is prohibited.
Members are not allowed to open more than one account.
For account security, each user is responsible for his / her own account.
Messages that violate global laws are prohibited.

Without any other reason, credit will be deleted from the accounts of those who violate the forum rules or the accounts will be banned.