Jim Dolbear, President of Elixxir, suggests that the problem of when quantum computing will become possible is negative.

Speaking on behalf of Elixxir creator David Chaum at BlockShow Asia 2019, Dolbear indicated that it would be highly likely to be used secretly by anyone who perfects quantum computing. During World War II, he applied to the United States ' code-cracking efforts: “In the history of World War II, if you crack people’s code, you don’t tell them. This is what happened between the United States and Germany. The United States knew a bunch of codes and secret communications from Germany, but they didn’t reveal it, because if they revealed it, Germany would change everything.”

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When Google announced last month "quantum supremacy," people in the crypto industry mostly questioned the extent to which it would be useful. Whether "real" quantum computers could actually reverse engineer secret private keys from known public keys, like some fear, will definitely be a huge problem. But that day is far from now, according to some industry experts — the conclusion seems to be that we don't have to think about it.

Also speaking on Google's quantum computer, Dolbear said, "If they have quantum computing, then China does and the U.S. does." China is investing $10 billion to build a Hefei National Quantum Information Technology Laboratory, which is expected to open in 2020. Meanwhile, according to a July 2016 government report, the U.S. funding in quantity efforts is about $200 million per year.

A useful coin, Dolbear concluded, "has to be quantum-secure, that's it."