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Since launching in 2012, Coinbase has earned about $ 2 billion in user transaction fees. This was told at the Vanity Fair summit in Los Angeles by CEO Brian Armstrong.
Also, according to him, Coinbase has been profitable since 2017.

“Most of this profit we reinvest in business to create new products. I want Coinbase to become a company that constantly innovates, ”said Armstrong.
The head of the American company added that cryptocurrencies are creating a new economy that will occupy a significant share in the GDP of various countries. The digital asset market itself will stabilize and grow as speculation diminishes.
Coinbase was able to obtain a license for operations with electronic money (E-money) from the central bank of Ireland.
Coinbase is also in talks to buy the startup Omni Rentals, which in the past received investment from fintech company Ripple. Omni Rentals provides services for the temporary use of various goods and has recently carried out massive layoffs.
Customers of the US stock exchange in the UK can again return to the fast transfer of payments on the stock exchange. Coinbase customers can make deposits or withdraw funds in less than 60 seconds.