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Choices Bounty Or Trading

if you give the question this Choices Bounty or Trading do you can give answer friends ?

come on lets together discuss   Shy

  1. if i choices Bounty , ok at the moment bounty is familiar in the world and more people the wolrd come in crypto because likes the new project and have a bounty on there , but weakness of bounty we can wait a long from 2-3 month about the distribution of the token and wait for listing, but if we can find a legit bounty we can getting more earn .
  2.  if i choices trading , trading if not have fund we cannot starting the trading , yeah on trading offering very well profit if we have a good skill trading . we can trading for a long term or short , if want to profit daily we can trade a short but is risk about the loss of fund .
the last overall the choices have advantages and have a weakness its about you better in bounty or trading .
hope its usefull .
Choice is Bounty when I participate on bounty and I earn rewards I can easily trade my reward to makes profit but if no bounty where will I get coin to trade, so bounty is good for me
thats good its same with me bro , so far im always participate in bounty but if have time i make trading
yeah with little funds
I choose bounty because there is no chance to loss your assets but both success rate is not 100%
Between CHOICES BOUNTY OR TRADING i defnitely choices to bounty beacuse there is no risk there you dont have to invest in anything here...
I choose bounty because no money involved if you are lucky you paid big then wait until get in exchange better hodl wait for the good price..
I am really love the risk, for me doing bounty is waste time. So i prefer to choose trading, yes it is need some fund. But you can do fund it and try to trading.

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