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Change the Background color

I think it is good to have a black theme, it's protecting our eyes. but we need also to have a general background. I think this is not professional.
Agree. To have another theme is needed, I think. I suggest a white background style. Will be glad to see it.
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I love this theme and white themes are very ordinary. Please don't change this theme
Even though I do not have a problem with this theme but the basic theme is needed because not all of us like to use this theme.
Please consider it adding the basic theme to the forume.
Personally, everything absolutely suits me. The main thing is not the color of the forum. Namely, the forum itself. So I wish the forum works many years and prosperity. This is the most important thing for us.
Well the website was fixed after maintenance but I still think that the dark colour background creates many problem for the members.

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