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Can Blockchain Bring change into Africa?


The  nature of Africa was decentralization! Africa was unite and great until  colonial masters began to centralize  everything. 

Now  all the resources is control by the  western world. 

Now that the world is changing and  blockchain is bring back  decentralization to the world would Africa get  their  power back?
It could help Africa if they realize and open their eyes and mind about technology. They have a resource from their country, and if they can manage with the help of blockchain, then I think that will have a good impact on their economy. But we don't know how far it could give benefits to them as they need to use the blockchain and approve the blockchain to be used in their country. If they succeed in using the blockchain, I think they can be role models for the other country to following Africa.

The present of the blockchain in Africa will help that country to reduce corruption as long as the government is willing to fight corruption. But if it's not, then it might difficult to see blockchain will grow in that country.
Yes, I believe the blockchain technology will help unite Africa once again.
Blockchain will boost African businesses, it will help reduce rigging elections and corruption.
improve of blockchain make something evolution in the world in more major friend , sure of blockchain will make suprise of africa to growth on implementation in overall major for better with a transparancy on blockchain technology .
Talking about cryptocurrency bringing a change to africa, that might not be so simple like that, the people need to embrace cryptocurrency if at all it will bring a change. What are the leaders doing about the development of cryptocurrency.
Yes blockchain could bring changes to Africa because it will help the reduce unemployment and make economy to growth
It can do some good things and some bad things too. like if it replaces their currency then the control of the country can likely go to the mafia and the outsider politicians too. so maybe it is better that the Libra should not go there. so that is the case with the blockchain there with the case.

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