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Coinsbit says if i were pass kyc it givs 200$ coin per coin 0.10$ total 2000 coin gives us what do you think the price wii be stable on this site? I think this price not stable
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I believe that the token will dump hard. Remember that several tens of thousands of users have registered on the exchange for these coins, lets do an example:

50,000 registered users
200,- usd value per user
= 10 million USD

Most of the users who participated in the airdrop is only in for the money, and will sell their tokens ASAP. I therefore reckon that the coin will dump so hard due to the sale pressure that it will hardly have any value, maybe a couple dollars per airdrop participant if lucky.

Lets also remember that Coinsbit is a sketchy exchange with much fake volume, there are several scam accusation threads about the exchange on Bitcointalk. I think this is more of a PR stunt to gain more users than actually delivering value to the airdrop participants.

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