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Bounty hunting

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I feel like we should share the story of our bounty hunting for the last 6 month. I know we have all participated in different campaigns in the last six, tell us the good and the bad of it. If you have been successfull in the campaign, tell us how you make your choice of campaign.
I feel sad because some campaigns suspended their campaign because of the market situation and those campaigns that finish were not able to distribute reward and some their reward are not valuable
situation in bounty hunting in 2019 is very dificult to find but i think if we make choices i think a writer or create design is still need in more campagin , this is very well for a long term .
This year was not pleasant for me at all
yeah need to hardwork for find new legit bounty but at the moment still cannot to find legit bounty
i think its recommend you can get earn from participate on this forum .
I participated in the bounty until mid 2018 and then took a leave of absence from the this employment. I earned a decent amount, and was even able to buy a car
i have had so many bad experiences of bounty campaigns in the last six month though not on this forum but another forum. bounty campaigns have not been rewarding for some time now, i cannot really say i have one good experience.
I have get success from bounty in 2017-18 then I have no success stories still now
Now i hope that the success and also said that they wolof and
I recently announced that this site on member increase to members and next moments

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