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Bitcoin to hit $4500 buy the end of 2019

I guess it won't go down below $5k. To summarize the year 2019, overall the market is Bullish we have seen stable prize this year and most greens. We did see market crash big time but the beauty of the market is they bounce back and keep fighting. So I guess this will summarize the year 2019. It will remain Bullish and $6k is the least we could see this year.
I think bitcoin won't go down to $4500 the last price it can go $6000 which I know before the end of the year it will start to rise again.
It's hard to imagine. According to you, it should fall in a month by 50% of its current value
One can't imagine the future of a virtual currency because market always unstable in nature. So bitcoin will pumping and dumping may occur with the rate of time.
I generally thought that this year by the end of the year it would fall to $ 2,000, but something went wrong. Perhaps bitcoin in the next buzz will still show growth to $ 15,000.
This is just hype and nothing more. Bitcoin will not drop to that point.

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