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Bitcoin to $5k?

I highly doubt the "powers that be" will allow the price of bitcoin to go down to $5K if the bloodshed continues,
The price of bitcoin cannot go down to $5k it will just fall a little bit and move higher again, if it fall down to $5k it will affect the market and many traders
The price of bitcoin might not drop to 5k, although in crypto anything can happen but I doubt if that will happened.
The price of 5K dollars will kill almost all miners, but I don't think that this will be allowed
I think 5k is impossible in the short term. If we see 5k, I think the bull run will not come for a long time. I hope this doesn't happen. But the market is in the hands of whales. We'll see what happens together.
yeah bitcoin still down until end of november and dropped to 4500$ back and go up end of years i think this is its same exprience in last year .
The price of bitcoin had gone lower than that in the past so i will not be surprised if i see the price of bitcoin go back to 5k.

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