Recently i had to send some money for my cousin who is staying in other country He was in real trouble . It was urgent money he needed . It was less than 100$ . I went all money transfer exchanges asked for sending money as he need urgently  Every where i found same answer we cant send less than 100$ . Even if we want to send  there will be huge process. Beneficiary should have that countries bank account even he is traveller . Minimum there was at least for 500$ and also it will take 2 to 3 days for transferring this money to beneficiary account.
Some were i found answer we cant send money apart from our blood relations (I mean sibblings and Parents) . For that they required proof
Thats when i realised the real potential of Bitcoin . Then after Came back to crypto space after long time . I got real trust . Then after market also started to move towards bullish run (Coincident) . Now i am feeling proud that i am in crypto community.