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Bitcoin is back

Bitcoin is back at resistance. It's good to see the market on green again . Especially with the recent crash, FOMO could send us very high. Smile
yeah need time and wait and see bitcoin in halving we will know where bitcoin going up go to moon or no
lets to see bro .
Good. It time the market will turn round and the price of bitcoin will increase, and and other coin will increase in price also.
I am not sure about this. We have to wait a little. Because Bitcoin needs to more volume to pump
In the last few days, Bitcoin price has declined from $9000 to $7000 now. I hope after the end of the decline stage, BTC will go to the recover stage. BTC market cap has decreased also with this dump. We hope we will see green trend again.
Oh my friend, it is a very amazing phenomenon to see the green candles of bitcoin on exchange exchanges. Believe me, it's worth it.
Bitcoin go back and he still go up to the 20k $ maybe more i hoped for this)

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