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Bitcoin in 2020?

Hello everyone,

I hope all of us are well. 

Bitcoin will rise to the moon in early 2020, do you know the reason? One reason is that more and more people are familiar with crypto and the digital world. Thanks. 
The fact that more people are aware of Btc is not enough to make Btc go to moon. We need people and more organization to adopt blockchain tech and the use of Btc.
if all friend was looking the grafik at the moment of bitcoin value is still increasing , i think reason of bitcoin still go up until 2020 because supply of bitcoin only 21 million , and 85% bitcoin was mined and demand of bitcoin in all the world is increasing, more all major was adoption technology blockchain.
i think overall its sure of bitcoin will go up .

lets for see in end of year guys .
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The cryptocurrency market might experience a market optimism in 2020, as not only Bitcoin, but all the major cryptocurrencies might experience an upward shift.
By year 2020 am sure bitcoin will go up to moon, with some analysis on the chart it shows that with this long crash it will move up again
Until I see bitcoin go up i don't think I want to continue to indulge in any speculation.
Btw CZ made a tweet that he deleted posting a meme that was a dude holding bags and asking if his followers had altcoins bags ready for alts bull run in 2020. Also he made some several tweets reminding an old experience he had in crypto.
Before now there are so many people that already know about bitcoin and i don't think that has any effect on it. We should not raise our hope too much.
And the second reason is the halving of bitcoin, and on all charts we see only the growth of bitcoin in the coming years

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