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Bitcoin heading down?

(This post was last modified: 11-25-2019, 05:34 AM by CryptoBerto.)
$5k $4k $3k, I'll always be here, confident in the long term growth potential of the entire space
Bitcoin limits of Going to is $5k, it can't fall down more than that before it will rise up again
It is very disheartening seeing bitcoin going down this way but what can we do.
This battle no care how about your emotion. You are wrong, you correct it. You have no other choice. Stops were placed below $6,650 for a reason. The 4H candle is now crucial to be monitoring. We want to be seeing candle closures within or above this region to maintain the same bias.

I do not see any change yet, we expected this as a possibility if $7,100 held up, which it did.
So much post on the fall in price of bitcoin. It has happened in the past so it is not new. After some fall it will rise again so just hodl.

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