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Bitcoin getting over $20,000 next year

What's your say about this. Although, I am predicting that bitcoin would worth more than $10,000 next year but some people are predicting that it might get over $20,000. Could this be true?
I think you are right. Bitcoin will pump up next year but I can't predict the exact price but am sure we will all be happy then.
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The price of bitcoin historically advances sharply two quarters before the halving and has also averaged triple-digit gains in the fourth quarter if you remove the corrective years following all-time highs. This Q4 should most closely resemble Q4 2015, which saw an 85 pct gain in the quarter, which would put the price of BTC at $15,400. $20,000 is attaianable due to Bitcoin's growing fundamentas.
It's really hard to say if bitcoin is going to worth more g than 10 thousand dollars. Price is unstable, however there are a few chances of it.
I think yes because Bitcoin will end the next year. And people decided to buy it
Здравствуйте, как по моему нет не пробьёт и придела в 15к$,но после нового года скакать будет очень сильно
No, I think that next year Bitcoin will cost no more than 15,000 dollars. I think this will be due to the growth of other cryptocurrencies, for example, Ether or less popular tokens.
Yes, it will happen that the price of bitcoin can reach above $ 20,000. Many, especially on twitter accounts and social networks, say that bitcoin will fly to the moon.

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