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Bitcoin fails to pass G7 test

Their is a report published by the G7, a group of the worlds most advanced economies, asserts that  bitcoin has so far been unable to prove ,"reliable and atractive. ”as either a medium of exchange or as a store of value. The report cites high volatility, scalability limits, complicated UI and regulatory issues among the issues that have hindered adoption and made cryptoassets a “highly speculative asset class.”

The G7 means economic specialist  countries United States America ,Canada ,United kindom, France,Germany, Japan, Italy.

This post is for information purose on bitcoin .

What do you think about this? what is going to happend  with bitcoin?
They keep hating Bitcoin but the truth is Bitcoin will be unstoppable in the future.
Because Bitcoin was considered a high-risk asset, which does not do it in favor of Bitcoin. It takes time to be accepted.

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