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Bitcoin currency is limited to 20 million

One of the controversial issues related to Bitcoin is that over time, the amount of Bitcoin currency will be limited to 20 million. That is no longer an increase. Every 6 years, the total number of bitcoins will come down by half, and by 20, the total number of bitcoins will drop to 20 million, which will not increase.
There are 21 millions of bitcoins supply and we have come to the nearest part that bitcoins being mined is already 18 millions and the 3 millions bitcoins left would be progressively mind even slower because of the halving reward of miners in every 210,000 blocks 4 years to mined and predicted to complete mining bitcoins in 2140.
Thanks for the news but if bitcoin currency is limited to 20m. What did you think will happen to the price of the bitcoin in the market?
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Simply put, to combat the inflation. Unlike the fiat money we are using today for most of the things and services we pay for, there will be limited number of Bitcoins. That means that after we reach 21 mil Bitcoins they will no longer be mined. Bitcoin is the future.

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