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Bitcoin Will Never Reach 1 Million

I have seen a lot of people talking about bitcoin reaching higher levels up to 1 million but those people never ask where will this liquidity come from? 

before the 2012 halving the price of bitcoin was 12$ and after the halving we saw a marketcap growing from bellow 1 billion to 14 billion and the second halving the second halving the price was 650$ and then the marketcap grew to over 250 billion in late 2017,  i think by now we all know the next halving will be in 2020 so the market will need over 10 trillion dollars for the price to rise up and mining to be profitable, so unless anyone out there can tell me where crypto will get that liquidity from i dont see bitcoin going that high.
Yes you are right if the BTC will go to high and cross 20,000$ then it touch just 30,000$ to 40,000$ and then it comes down again because 1 million target is so much high and its not possible that BTC will touch 1 million this year it takes up to 10 years to touch 1 million target.

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