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Bitcoin Market

We are all less worried about the way the Bitcoin market is falling.  But it is expected that the next month or next year will increase.  I would like to know about this.
There is not guarantee that bitcoin will increase in price at a particular time but what I am sure of is that bitcoin will certainly increase in price.
I am sure that the price of bitcoin will increase very much after halving in 2020. And until 2022 there will be a lot of time. It seems to me that this is real!
Can't assured you that it will rise again this year but next year 2020 the market will moves up, we can buy and make profit later
yeah im not sure at the moment i think its this time for buy of bitcoin from the exprience in last year bitcoin will down before come end of the years i think its the same from last years likes this .
Everyone is in doubt about this matter
Next year is expected halving bitcoin, so it seems to me that the growth rate is inevitable in this case.
I am not an expert but i can tell you that the price of bitcoin, i mean cryptocurrency in generall is unpredictable, we can only wait for that time to come.

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