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Bitcoin Investment or Trading?

(This post was last modified: 11-25-2019, 08:12 AM by CryptoBerto.)
I would like to challenge the users to which is really preferred between trading(short term gaol buy low sell high) or investing(holding for long)?
I think bitcoin investment is good for now, when it price rise we can now trade the coin to make more profit
With the recent trend in the prices of cryptocurrency, I will advice to invest on a short term.Amy have invested on a long term and regretted doing so.
i think if we investment the bitcoin we can getting a new passive income , but need time for wait a return of capital
if we want trading the bitcoin we can easy to get back return capital every time .
I think that short-term goal buy low sell high, much more profitable than holding for long
With the market situation I suggest to invest now on bitcoin when the price is low then make profit later when it rise
It is not advisable to trade bitcoin except you an expert day trader. It is better to invest in bitcoin for a long hodl. Bitcoin will be best for long term hodl.

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