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Between bitcoin and ETH coin which one is easy to earn?

I discovered most of bounty campaign reward is either you trade their token to eth or you earn eth directly to your account. It that means eth is easy to earn?
No, it's not. This is all done for the reason that Ethereum tokens are very easy to create
Both are not easy to earn except youbearn some other coins and then exchange for ETH or BTC.
I will say both are not easy to earn for now except you change other coin to them.
in my opinion its easy to earn ETH , so far earn eth its easy likes find in bounty campaign there offering more earn eth
and likes in on this forum offering earn eth .
If you no enought money ETH suits for small investors while big investors is for BTC. It's a gamble if you want to earn big, invest big but remeber to inves at your own risk and do some research.

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