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Best place for Beginners

What do you think is the best place for the beginners to earn crypto? Just posting this to spread if you have some recommendations especially for the newbies out there.
best place to all begginer to earn crypto i think in faucet crypto there offering more crypto , and on game more a way and place for best to all beginner
I think the best place for a beginner to earn some coin is through social media group. beginners can participate in some airdrop.
The best way for beginners is to start with social media bounty from that they can move gradually to other campaigns. Social media is easy to participate.
The best place for beginners is social media bounty and airdrop they can easy to participate here
For beginner i can give advice to try faucet or doing bounty and airdrop first. Because with that you can get free cryptocurrency. Then you can try to learn cryptocurrency with Google and Youtube.

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