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BTC can hit $10k by end of this month or not ?

It is really unpredictable. I think these chances are like 50/50. However, being a BTC holder, I am surely waiting for 10K this month.

what do you think?
I think as long as you have like 20 BTC in your wallet. You are in much secure position as long as the BTC holds 9k to 10k. I personally think you need to have enough bitcoins for price to affect. If you have no bitcoins, it's kind of pointless to even defend the increasing amount. Price may go up and down all the time.
Since btc is concerned they cannot project the prices because every second or minutes prices is interesting. Yes it can be the prices can reach 10000$ and also it possible that the will decrease into 6000$..
I think reaching 20K would be harder. I think 10k and mid 10 to 20 is possibility. But then again people have to hold the coins and sell it on right time. I personally see it harder to handle this way. I have seen some people holding and then randomly selling it on places. So it depends what happens in future.
As far I can say from my research I would say that Bitcoin is surely pump high from the beginning of 2020 so invest as much as you can now so that you can compensate the losses as well as earn profit from it.
In my view This month Bitcoin hit 10k+..Because Now the crypto market is very Huge.. All crypto currency price is now very i this bitcoin hit 10k+

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