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Are you profitable while trading?

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If you answered no, I can almost guarantee you will answer no the question, "are you knowledgable in trading"

Knowledge is vital if you want to be successful.
I have not been able to make profit yet due to the market situation. But I know next year will be a year of profit for me, can't wait to trade.
Yes but you need to know tactics. You should follow the signals. If you do these well, you can always make a profit.
Yes. You need to effective trade to get profits. You need to calculate when price is dump and when pump when you calculate this time you will get success
Yes trading is my first source to generating profit in cryptocurrency. That is not easy because you need always learning from some your mistake. This month i already profit around 40% that is more than you buy Certificate Deposit.
Yes, it depends upon you how to make a good trader better you have a knowledge on how to do that be profitable. Since before I do trade several times mostly win I trade Hundred dollar.

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