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Any latest bitcoin bounty campaign or airdrop

Please if you know any bitcoin bounty campaign or airdrop to earn bitcoin please share it, make sure it real don't want scam campaigns.
I think you can visit cryptotalk website. here you will find a campaign to get btc daily.
You can also try Tokpie Bounties, where you have the chance to sell half of your stakes for TKP which is their native token, ETH and USD. In addition let me introduce you to a decentralized web browsers - ,that rewards you for your activities online. You receive $NBX coin for using the browser and then trade it on exchange for any crypto of your choice.
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My suggestion would be the LCX Exchange Token Bounty/Airdrop

  • With the current price, the total reward pool is 7600 USD.
  • The number of tokens received depends on how many tasks you do. Be sure to do the tasks that are marked as "mandatory".

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